Identifying Data-Driven Approaches to Safe and Affordable Housing Worldwide

The Global Housing Network aims to aggregate the latest data on global affordable housing needs through a wide array of sources to augment better decision making in selecting locations and resources for projects.

UN Habitat: Share of Urban Population Living in Slums: 2014 | Compiled by Our World in Data

The Million Neighborhoods Initiative

Identifying areas of inadequate road access due to the untamed development of overcrowded slums in fast-growing cities.  

World Poverty Clock

Created by the World Data Lab, a non-profit organization in Australia, the world Poverty Clock aggregates information collected from the World Bank to display the latest indicators for poverty globally, and projections for future fulfillment of targeted sustainable development goals.

International Monetary Fund Global Housing Watch

The IMF publishes a quarterly report on the developments taking place in global housing markets, providing information useful for valuation assessment in housing markets, price-to-rent, and price-to-income ratios.

This information is updated quarterly by the IMF. Last updated: July 2020.

Source: IMF Global Housing Watch