In recognition of support and guidance toward the mission of providing housing for the working poor, GHF designates strategic individuals who have worked directly, or intend to work directly, to assist with the GHF mission.

The main responsibility of a GHF Ambassador is to offer guidance and advocacy for GHF. GHF is a United Nations NGO partner devoted to facilitating the improvisation of affordable housing through alliances between public, private, academic, foundational, community, and governmental organizations. Valuable global solutions begin with powerful knowledge, effective expertise, and proven strategies. GHF identifies successful initiatives based upon Research, Education, Application of Best Practices and Professional Collaborations.

In recognition of service to GHF, individuals receive ambassador certification from GHF

Alan Tong

Alan Tong

It all started in the year 2000, when the renowned Malaysian “Condo King”, Dato' Alan Tong founded a niche property company known as Bukit Kiara Properties (BKP). Alan utilized his wealth of experience to focus on the quality and ...
Ari Feldman

Ari Feldman

Following his studies at Antioch College in Urban Planning, Ari attended the University of Dayton Law School prior to focusing on a career in Real Estate Land Use. A recognized city design authority, he served as President of the ...
Gerard W. Bakker

Gerard W. Bakker

Ambassador Gerard W. Bakker, based in Amsterdam,has been a real estate professional for over 40 years. Serving both private individuals and business parties efficiently and professionally. With multidisciplinary tasks in the ...
Jose Boyd

Jose Boyd

CEO and founder of Boyd’s Realty, Jose is a global expert in real estate. With more than 3,000 successful transactions and over 30 years of experience building strategic alliances with some of the most successful real estate ventures ...
Lutine de Boer

Lutine de Boer

Lutine de Boer LL.M MA (Melit.) currently holds the position of Program Manager Housing at the Region Alkmaar (North-Holland). She worked a sr. policy advisor urban planning and climate adaptation at the City of Alkmaar from 2009 - ...
Susan and Sheldon Good

Susan and Sheldon Good

Sheldon’s career has been multi-faceted. He has received special recognition as Realtor of the Year for the City of Chicago in 1991 and was selected as one of “Chicago’s 25 most influential Realtors” during the past century. He was the
Zaigham Rizvi

Zaigham Rizvi

Zaigham Rizvi is currently serving on pro-bono basis, as Adviser on Pakistan’s Housing Program. The Housing Program aims at preparing policies and program for developing 5 million housing units with a focus on “affordable housing” for ...

Leveraging the Power

In response to a challenge from the United Nations Commission on Human Settlements, GHF has developed a program designed to leverage the power and effectiveness of Public-Private partnerships. 

From its inception, GHF has partnered with the United Nations to address housing issues which provide affordable housing for the working poor.

Following “Twenty Years of Providing Homes Through Productive Partnerships” presentation at the UN, highlighted by Filiep Decorte, Deputy Director of UN- Habitat’s New York Liaison Office, the GHF Directors established the GHF Ambassador Program.


Building Effective Networks

Ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated to the realization of the GHF mission.

Ambassadors are passionate about our cause and committed to keeping abreast of new and relevant issues that may impact the low-income housing community.

Ambassadors have the ability to participate in fundraising activities and to seek the contributions of time, money and/or in-kind support from individuals and corporate partners.

Ambassadors provide information on relevant opportunities and projects within the GHF scope of influence.


The Global Housing Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established in 1999 by United Nations Scroll of Honor recipient, E. Rene Frank, and organized in 2006 under the laws of the State of Delaware, and is exempt from U.S. Federal Income Taxes under Section 501(c)(3). The Foundation is a United Nations/UN-Habitat NGO partner with Special Consultative Status organized to provide a framework, clearing house and network for ideas, information and solutions pertaining to affordable housing. Financial contributions are the primary sources of revenue for the Foundation.


Our commitment is to leverage the combined expertise and knowledge of global real estate industry leaders and spearhead the creation solid alliances between public, private, academic, community and governmental organizations to work towards a common goal of providing the working poor with the opportunity of owning a safe and affordable home.


Ambassadors enable the development of adequate and sustainable housing for the working poor and promote property rights, homeownership, economic development, women’s rights and best practices aspired to within the Millennium Development Goals. Ambassadors are not empowered to officially represent the views and positions of GHF, except when specifically directed to do so by the Board of Directors. Ambassadors identify opportunities which promote the Habitat Agenda as set by the United Nations Human Settlement Program which highlights the importance of security of tenure, safe drinking water, clean sanitation, affordable financing, family continuity, gender equality, safe havens for children, and a sustainable environment.


GHF leverages the expertise and resources of the public and private real estate community to facilitate the construction of affordable housing.


The GHF Residential Real Estate Developer Alliance Program is tailored around the special needs of real estate developers and is specifically designed to deliver project benefits and enhancements that directly transfer into value-added components for housing projects. This model identifies opportunities for municipal participation with land, infrastructure development, appraisals and tax incentives. It seeks to utilize local labor, materials and funding sources. The social and environmental benefits are immense. There may be no greater contribution to society than to transform an individual or family from being part of the problem into becoming part of the solution. Building financial equity through home ownership produces a household that contributes to the community. Incorporating a work-force housing feature into residential real estate developments delivers the following results:

  • Added Security
  • Less Commuter Time & Expense
  • Increased Value Proposition for Potential Customer Prospects
  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility, Good Will and Project Respect
  • Benefits of GHF Alliance Branding

The GHF Pay-it-Forward Program

GHF makes a commitment to provide funds toward the construction costs to augment the land component provided by the alliance for the workforce housing units. Once the titles of the homes are transferred to the occupants, GHF and the alliance entity are reimbursed from the proceeds provided by the preferred mortgage banking arrangement. Although the time and cost to develop alliances is an enormous challenge for GHF, once these strategic relationships are established, they may remain in effect for multiple projects and thus leverage benefits and rewards.

The Global Housing Network

GHF has developed the world’s digital clearing house for information pertaining to affordable housing. Accessed via the internet at the Global Housing Network showcases projects, ideas and solutions to workforce housing challenges.