United Nations Day

Global Strategies for Sustainable Workforce Housing: Innovative Solutions to Win the War Against Poverty, Healthcare & Crisis.

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    Our program is planned to roughly adhere to the following timeline:


    Welcome & Introductions: 

    Owen Gwyn, GHF Chairman

    Global Housing Foundation Overview: 

    Sharon Young, GHF President

    The History of Global Housing Foundation:

    Debbie Petersen, Colette Fraenkel, Robyn Frank


    Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi

    Chairman, Naya Pakistan Housing Program

    “Building a Global Future: Affordable Housing Challenges 

    Issues and Possible Answers 

    Supply-Side and Finance-Side”


    Chris Herbert

    Managing Director, Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University

    The Effects of COVID on Housing for America’s Most Vulnerable Workers”

    Ralph Winnie, Jr.

    Vice President, Global Business Development at the Eurasian Business Coalition & Director of The Eurasia Center’s China Program

    Partner of Henson, Pang and Winnie, International Law Firm and Consulting Group, Washington, DC and China

    “Workforce Housing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”

    Lutine de Boer

    Regional Program Manager Housing, Region Alkmaar (part of Holland Boven Amsterdam)

    “Housing Challenges in North Holland”

    Katherine Shahani

    Director, Grupo Shahani (Panama)

    Advisor, Global Housing Foundation

    “Workforce Housing: Strengthening Hope on a Global Basis”

    Christopher Lee

    President, Design Associates Architects 

    Director, Global Housing Foundation

    Solving the Global Workforce Housing Challenge with Disruptive Solutions”

    Questions & Answers

    “Introduction of Global Housing Network”

    Owen Gwyn

    Conclusion of Program

Workforce Housing Has Never Been More Important

Not only should everybody have a place to shelter when disaster strikes, but access to housing permeates far beyond first-order problems. Public health issues arise from increased risk of disease spread, mental health issues become commonplace, and healthy economies require their workforce to be motivated and productive.

Ask a question, propose solutions, get involved.

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